Polyurethane Coating Resins

Polyurethane Coating Resins

Polyurethane resin imparts toughness and abrasion resistance to wood coatings, to floor finishes, and to coatings for other demanding applications.

Oil-Modified Urethane (OMU) Resins

Solvent-borne oil-modified urethanes produce wood floor finishes with toughness, mar resistance, chemical resistance, and clear finishes.  They are the most economical polyurethane resin for high traffic wood floors.

Typical applications:

  • Industrial, commercial, and residential floor finishes
  • Wood stains
  • Wood and metal finishes
  • Porch and deck enamels
  • Maintenance primers and enamels


Urethane-Modified Alkyd Resins, Uralkyds

Solvent-borne polyurethane-modified alkyd resins complement the ease of alkyds with the toughness of polyurethanes.  Uralkyds provide abrasion, wear, and chip resistance to enamel paints for both indoor and outdoor applications.  They also blend and improve long-oil alkyd coatings.

Typical applications:

  • Clear wood varnishes
  • Floor paints
  • Clear sports floor coatings
  • Industrial primers and finishes
  • Inks
  • OEM finishes
  • Decorative exterior coatings

 Polyurethane Dispersions

Water-borne polyurethane coating resins can be used alone, but they are typically blended with acrylic resins for aqueous floor coatings and wood coatings.  The polyurethane imparts toughness and abrasion resistance and chemical resistance to acrylic coatings.

Typical applications:

  • Water-borne wood coatings
  • Commercial and sports floor coatings
  • Concrete coatings
  • Leather and vinyl coatings
  • Increase toughness in acrylic coatings


Acrylic Polyol Resins

Acrylic polyols are hydroxyl-functional resins for 1K and 2K water-borne polyurethane coatings. Deltech Resin Company produces custom and proprietary polyols and urethane acrylates for low-VOC resin systems.