Deltech has introduced a silicone base OMU for low VOC applications.
Our product designation is 458-58ASi
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Deltech continues to invest in bulk tank trucks to better service their customers.
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Resin and value for the paint & coating industries

Unsaturated polyester resins for specialty applications


The Deltech Resin Company offers an extensive line of solvent-borne alkyd resins, oil-modified urethanes, and water-based emulsions, dispersions and latex resins.


Deltech formulates and produces unsaturated polyester resins (UPE) . These specialty monomers are safer and less regulated than styrene. They offer such advantages as stronger composites, higher temperature processing, and safer handling.


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Deltech Resin Company

​Produces solvent-based resins for the paint and coating industries. We also produce water-based coating resins and unsaturated polyester resin systems.
Our three manufacturing sites include large and small production lines which support economic production of high-volume resins and flexibility for specialty applications.

Our principal products:

  •  Short-oil, medium-oil, and long-oil alkyd resins
  • Modified alkyd resins
  • Oil-modified urethanes (OMU)
  • Unsaturated polyester resins with non-styrene cross-linking diluents
  • Acrylic and vinyl acrylic emulsions
  • Styrene-acrylic polymers in solvents
  • Polyurethane dispersions and alkyd dispersions in water

We offer exceptional value in service and in fair-priced resins for industrial and marine coatings, architectural coatings, pigment and additive dispersions, concrete coatings, aerosols, specialty coatings and custom manufacturing.

Our Partners

Produces alkyd coating resins, specialty coating resins and unsaturated polyester resins at our facility in the UK.

Produces enhanced performance aromatic monomers including para-methylstyrene (PMS), vinyltoluene (VT) and tertiary-butylstyrene (TBS) at our manufacturing facility in Baton Rouge, LA. Deltech Corp. also produces the reactive monomer divinylbenzene (DVB) and other specialty at the Baton Rouge site.

Produces crystal polystyrene and specialty polymers at our facility in Troy, OH.

​Distributes Deltech specialty monomers from a sales office in Shanghai, PRC.

​Contact Us


Mailing Address:
49 Rutherford Street
Newark, NJ 07105

New Jersey Location:
49 Rutherford Street
Newark, NJ 07105

West Virginia Location:
7743 Ohio River Blvd.
New Cumberland, WV 26047